Event Photography and Videography

Bytu Studios provides professional event photography and videography services (through our partners). The team brings about its passion and creativity to create wonderful moments and a lifetime of memories.

Fashion Photography

By partnering with leading names in the industry, Bytu Studios endeavours to bring out a dazzling array of pictures which will leave the client awe-struck.

We partner with models, makeup artists, studios as well as the fashion event organizers to bring this life.

Couple and Family Photography & Videography

Bytu Studios believes in building a long commitment with the clients. Starting with portfolio shoots for singles, moving on to couple shoots, maternity, birthdays, graduation etc, the team encompasses all the moments for the clients to cherish for a long time.

Events & Concerts

With the connections in the industry and event organizers, Bytu Studios is in the forefront of covering various talent performances and showcasing their skills at Singapore and other locations.

Corporate Events

Bytu Studios provides coverage for various corporate events – be it in-house or at event locations. Armed with professional equipment and creativity, the team blends into the event till it is invisible enabling coverage without any interruptions.

Different Approach and Techniques

Team@Bytu Studios engages itself in the quest to be different. Either it is macro, astro, panorama or HDR or something else, the team pushes the limit of the equipment to bring forward the magnificance of the nature around us.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Bytu Studios is a group of motivated professionals from different fields who share a common thought and believe that Creativity yearns for Opportunity. With its expertise and experience, Bytu Studios can change dreams into reality.

While we are busy not creating moments of joy for our clients, we are fun people to hang out with.

Life outside of photography revolves around technology, art, music, sports and traveling.